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Project Information

  • Client: ConocoPhillips Indonesia Inc. Ltd.
  • Project Date: July 2013 - September 2016
  • Categories: ROV, Inspection
  • Location: Natuna Sea, Indonesia
  • Vessel: Endeavour Resolution Mermaid Nusantara SS Barakuda
  • Duration: 3 Years + 1 Year Extension (~90 Days / Year)
  • Water Depth: 80 - 100 MSW
  • WROV: SMD Quasar Compact 05 SAAB Seaeye Tiger #891

ROV Inspection Maintenance & Repair Campaign

In May 2013, ConocoPhillips Indonesia awarded Seascape a Three (3) Year Inspection Repair & Maintenance Campaign in the Natuna Sea, Indonesia. The scope of work included ROV based inspection of platforms and infield and export pipelines. Vessel based Sidescan Sonar & Multibeam Echosounder surveys of infield and export pipeline to identify critical freespans. ROV based Pipeline free-span rectification following completion of pipeline inspection work scope and inspection of various other subsea structures and features, including PLEMS, risers, leaks, clamps and debris.

This was the fourth consecutive contract award to Seascape by COPI for annual IRM campaigns having previously been awarded as Main Contractor the 2009, 2010 & 2011/12 IRM Contracts. In addition, as in 2012, the 2014,15 & 16 campaigns were extended to include the neighboring Premier Oil, Anoa Field.