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Survey & Positioning

Seascape has an extensive track record of providing Survey and Positioning services support to Clients in the Offshore Oil and Gas sector across South East Asia, the Middle East and beyond

Vessel Support

Seascape specializes in providing surface and subsea positioning services onboard Dynamic Positioning (DP) vessels.

We provide these services to a wide range of Clients, primarily onbard Diving Support, Construction Support and ROV Support Vessels.

Construction Support

Seascape provides a wide range of survey and positioning services onboard offshore installation and construction vessels and barges (Heavy Lift, Derrick Lay, J-Lay) using the latest in surface and subsea positioning and telemetry equipment, and deliver the accuracy and reliability required to safely and efficiently execute any project above or below the surface.

Our services supports following activities, such as: Pipe-Lay, PLEM installations, SPM Installations, Hook-Up, Ultra Deep acoustic positioning, offshore platform installations or topside float-over installations.

Geotechnical Support

Seascape provides a variety of tailored turn-key Geotechnical solutions / shallow seabed sampling both in-house and in conjunction with key specialist partners working from the beach through to deepsea in support of engineering: cable routes, pipeline, subsea foundations, drilling rigs, minerals exploration and seabed mooring systems.

Geophysical Survey Support

Seascape provides Geophysical surveys to gather detailed data in Deep Ocean, continental shelf, shallow and nearshore areas required by Engineers prior Offshore structures, cables and pipelines installation.

The equipment such as Multi-beam and Single-beam echo sounders, Sub-Bottom Profiler, Side Scan Sonar, Magnetomer will be acquisition and further processed in support to various offshore activities & installation purposes such as Pipe/Cable Pre-lay survey, Pre-Engineering survey, environmental suvey, Port development/ infrastructure, dredging support