ROV System

A fleet of Work Class & Observation Class ROV

Observation Class
SAAB Seaeye Tiger

Widely regarded internationally as the standard observation and inspection class ROV in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its performance in strong currents, excellent handling and maneuverability are unsurpassed.


Work Class
SMD Quasar Compact

QUASAR COMPACT One of the latest generation of advanced work-class systems produced by SMD Hydrovision. This 125hp system, depth rated to 2,000m is
designed to offer all power advantages delivered by the enhanced Curvetech hydraulic components within a physical package that enables restricted access subsea and smaller deck space for the surface equipment.

The system has all the capacity needed to run high powered tools such as zip pumps and grinders whilst having multi options to simultaneously accommodate torque
tooling, wire cutting and manipulator options.

The ROV has an excellent high current operating ability due to the amount of thrust available from the hydraulic thrusters. As a result the operating window of the Quasar Compact exceeds that of similar sized ROV’s whilst offering a far more stable operating platform.